Kosovo: Innovation in Global Surgery


Remarkable social and economic developments that have been attained in the last decades have engendered novel challenges in global healthcare. Nowadays, the scientists and professionals have to think of finding more comprehensive methods in order to bring new solutions that would make a progress for the improvement of life in the future. This essential need to improve the quality of life of global citizens has brought together medical and non-medical professionals from all around the world with the aim to emphasize the importance of improving surgical-care by defining key messages, indicators and recommendations for advancing Global Surgery. The next challenge has been setting priorities of Global Surgery, and this could have not been possible without an innovative approach because innovation is the key solution to new challenges as it comprises creation of something new and accomplishing the essential needs.

The importance of innovation in Global Surgery can be easier understood if we focus on the aim of Global Surgery to provide safe and affordable surgical care as part of universal health coverage (UHC). Innovation is a very important component towards creation of potential strategies for scale-up of Global Surgery through integration of information and communication technology as it promotes new learning methods, delivery of care, management schemes that contribute to the improvement of healthcare arrangements and governance, economics and finances and implementation strategies. Consequently, there is an inevitable need for cooperation between Global Surgery institutions and those of innovation as both of them aim to improve the quality of life. Moreover, innovation institutions/centers are very welcoming places that encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration; thus, integration of innovative centers in the strategy of Global Surgery paves the way towards advancing the actual situation of UHC.

Once we understand the importance of integrating innovation in Global Surgery, we will be able to determine the innovative mechanisms that will enable us to overcome the obstacles of global healthcare. Global Surgery workers will be able to integrate innovation in Global Surgery only when they understand that both of the abovementioned fields share a common goal. On the other hand, it is important to understand that innovation should always be perceived as a solution and not only as an option for achieving UHC and this can be possible only if we incorporate innovation as a core component of our ideas and thoughts since the beginning. Innovative approaches help us achieve a long-term sustainability in the field of Global Surgery, especially if we develop it within four domains of global surgery that are health-care delivery and management; workforce, training, and education; economics and finance; and information management.

Based on these principles, our InciSioN branch in Kosovo GSOK-Students’ Committee organized its first session together with Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). The organization of the meeting of our global surgery enthusiasts in an innovative center has encouraged quality of discussion within attendees and has increased the interest of other students to join our committee as well. The renowned ICK has built a great reputation in Kosovo for supporting new ideas through innovation and technology, and this great reason has inspired us to organize our first meeting with ICK as their work has been very inspirational to us as it resonated with the vision and mission of our students’ committee. The experience of collaboration with ICK has been unique as it offered us the chance to understand that innovation centers are willing to support Global Surgery.

Therefore, we highly recommend every National Working Group on Global Surgery to follow our example and contact their nearest innovation centers and think of including innovation as part of their strategy because inclusiveness is definitely the right path towards achieving our goals of universal health coverage by 2030.

Bujar Qerreti

Head of GSOK – Students’ Committee

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