The Checklist Effect Screenings – #GlobalSurgeryDay

Screening in Grenada, May 5th 2017

A few months ago, a documentary painting a tour d’horizon of surgical care was released and the success was immediate. The Checklist Effect, a documentary directed by Lauren Anders Brown, of Collaborate: images and ideas and produced with the help of Lifebox, follows surgical teams in Haiti, USA, Uganda, United Kingdom, Moldova, Mongolia and Guatemala. A movie with such a global vision deserved to be seen by a large audience around the world, which is where InciSioN loved to help with! 

We had the honor of having members of our network voluntarily translate the subtitles to their respective native languages, which is why the documentary is now available with Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Hindi subtitles.

The premiere of the translated versions happened in Geneva on May 24th, during the World Health Assembly side event : “What next for surgery and anaesthesia?” hosted by WFSA and Lifebox with the participation of InciSioN, G4 alliance and Operation Smile. You can watch the recorded video of the event here.

Screening in Rwanda, May 25th 2017

Translating the subtitles wasn’t enough for our dedicated students and many of them wanted to screen the movie in their home towns. We are happy to announce that we already had screenings held in Brazil, Grenada, Ecuador and Rwanda. The feedback from those countries was the same as ours: students loved the movie! Have a look at those pictures and we hope that you will like them just as much as we do!

Screening in Brazil, May 25th 2017

There are more screenings planned around the globe, in countries as diverse as the USA, Belgium, Morocco, Australia and India. Please stay tuned through our social media pages to find out more!

If you are interested in hosting your own screening of The Checklist Effect, feel free to email us at

Screening in Ecuador, May 25th 2017






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