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The year is not over yet

From Bogota to Kigali to Rostock, this early December has been full of surprises!  <Zineb Bentounsi> On December 2nd, InciSioN was present at the BVMD (german medical student’s association) Bundeskongress in Rostock, Germany where our member Emina Letic, who is the chair of InciSioN Bosnia and Herzegovina, conducted a workshop to introduce Global Surgery to …

WHO Global Conference on Primary Health Care – and Surgery?

By Dylan Goh The Astana declaration, from Alma-Ata towards universal health coverage and the sustainable development goals, was adopted on the 25th of October, following from the original declaration of Alma Ata 40 years ago (1978). This declaration reaffirmed the international community’s goal of providing Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) for all, with primary healthcare (PHC) …

Anaesthesia in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Article by Ulrick S. Kanmounye email: ulricksidney@gmail.com Group picture of Congolese physician anaesthesiologists and non-physician anaesthesiology technicians Concepts of task-sharing and task-shifting in Congolese anaesthesiology date back to the early 1960s. These were implemented since the post-colonial period in order to solve the shortage of physician anaesthesiologists. As such, this non-physician workforce either works in …