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Anaesthesia in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Article by Ulrick S. Kanmounye email: ulricksidney@gmail.com Group picture of Congolese physician anaesthesiologists and non-physician anaesthesiology technicians Concepts of task-sharing and task-shifting in Congolese anaesthesiology date back to the early 1960s. These were implemented since the post-colonial period in order to solve the shortage of physician anaesthesiologists. As such, this non-physician workforce either works in …

Neurosurgery in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Past, Present, and Future

NEUROSURGERY IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Article by Ulrick S. Kanmounye email: ulricksidney@gmail.com According to the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, more than two thirds of the global population do not have access to safe and affordable surgical care and most of them live in Low and Middle Income Countries …

Surgical Suturing, the Checklist and more Friendships

< Adnan Šabić (National Officer on Medical Education of BoHEMSA, IFMSA), Haris Čampara (InciSioN B&H Head of Research), Ajla Hamidović (InciSioN B&H Head of Advocacy), Ahmed Mulać (InciSioN B&H member), Emina Letić (InciSioN B&H Chair) > Suturing is one of the most used surgical procedures in the world, utilized even in non-surgical fields such as general practice. As …